Yoga and Autism – Part 1

All souls are alike in Yoga.

One typically identifies with his or her thoughts and body (this is mine, I am happy, I am hurt). Since the thoughts and the body are constantly changing, this leads to interesting questions like “Who is this I now?”, “What was this I before?”, “Was the I last week different from this I?” Such incessant questioning is another path to spiritual progress.

Once we understand the ever changing nature of the layers (thoughts, body, mind, etc) around “us”, the world becomes at once interesting and difficult to navigate. It is only difficult to navigate because we are stuck with the old navigating equipment. It is like we are physically attached to a bike and we are trying to hike up a mountain. The bike does not let us go and explore paths that lead to stunning views.

One such spectacular view shows that the soul  of a “neuro-atypical” person is the same as that of a “neuro-typical” person. The body it inhabits just happens to be different. Frequently, these are “difficult to handle” bodies. But souls, being souls, just assume what they are given and go through life as best as the equipment allow.

The many practices of Yoga help us to scrape away the layers that surround the core of us. The “equipment” becomes more and more irrelevant. This way we get closer to the essence that is the same in all of us.


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