Happy New Year!

I just became un-Yogic for a moment by wishing you a Happy New Year!

Suffering is the unavoidable other side of happiness. Wishing happiness is not, therefore, a straightforward undertaking. Fortunately, there is an escape!

Practices of Yoga enhance a Yogi’s powers of perception, enabling him to discern the nature of the world around and his interactions with the world. He/She sees the two sides of any experience – pleasure (sukha) and suffering (duhkha).  He/She avoids unnecessary suffering (to oneself and others) by careful choice of thoughts and deeds.

In other words, practice of Yoga leads the practitioner into Sattva more of the time. Sattva is the mental state characterised by clarity, calmness and lightness. I talk about about Sattva and other fundamental states here. This is just a natural consequence of heightened perception and discernment. Yoga Sutras say that this indeed is Self Realisation! There is nothing that is higher or hidden in mountains to seek. Just cultivate Sattva.

May 2017 bring much Sattva to you.

I wish you a Sattvic New Year!





There is another subtler violation I commit here. Yoga philosphy says there is no such thing as time and regards time as an imaginary concept with no basis in reality (Vikalpa). But that is for another time to talk about!


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