Āsana Kitchen: Office Yoga

In the previous post, I mentioned that it is better to practice in small segments, but more frequently, especially when we are trying to change old patterns.

Here is a simple practice that can be done at your desk, in your work clothes and does not take more than 7-10 minutes. Aim for once every 1.5 or two hours. (When I was a desk slave at an investment bank, I used to sneak into a conference room and do this routine.) Continue reading

Yoga for Traders

I have a suspicion that Patañjali was a derivatives trader. Yoga seems to have been created specifically for traders. There is much in Yoga that can aid a trader to become better at what he or she does.

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Heart in Yoga

It is fashionable to bash intellect in modern spiritual circles. One often hears: “Heart, not brain”. Or some variation of it. Interestingly, although “gut feel” is used in popular discourse, it does not seem to be popular in the spiritual circles. I wonder why!

Is using one’s brain actually detrimental to spiritual growth? What do the classical texts on Yoga say on this? Continue reading

Vinyāsa Woes

Practitioners of Aṣtānga Vinyāsa Yoga are serious folks. Aṣtānga (not to be confused with the eight limbs mentioned in Yoga Sūtras) is the Crossfit equivalent of the modern Yoga scene.

One of the distinguishing features of this style is its strict adherence to specified Vinyāsas for each Āsana or posture in the practice sequence.

Anything cultish, as history shows, is breeding ground for humour! So I have to do my part here. Continue reading


You can find Vinyāsa Yoga on the menu at most Yoga studios. A famous studio that I used to frequent offers Hatha 1, Hatha 2, Vinyāsa 1 and Vinyāsa 2 among other classes. This can be confusing for the beginner. It seems there is more than one way of doing the same Trikonāsana. The Hatha way and the Vinyāsa way.

It is also common to hear the phrase: “take a Vinyāsa now” in Aṣtānga classes as if Vinyāsa is a particular movement or posture.

What exactly is Vinyāsa? Continue reading

There Ain’t no Such Thing as a Free Lunch

There Ain’t no Such Thing as A Free Lunch

“No Free Lunch” (or “No Arbitrage“) is a fundamental axiom of finance. It is the force or Prana that keeps the markets efficient. It is the finance equivalent of the energy conservation axiom in Physics.

“No arbitrage” means that there is no guaranteed profit without assuming risk to your investment. No risk, no return! If somebody promises to double your money without any risk, you must get away as a fast as possible from him. Especially so, if he is wearing a tailored suit and an expensive watch!

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