Īśvara Praṇidhānā – The Express Way!

Samādhi or Yogic Concentration is a tool that is employed to achieve Viveka Khyāti or discriminative knowledge. This knowledge aids in destruction of attachments, aversions and fears arising from Avidya or incorrect knowledge. As a result, an adept Yogi’s mind is established in clarity and tranquility. Sūtra 3.55 summarises this beautifully.

(Sūtra 3.55) sattva puruṣayoḥ śuddhi sāmye kaivalyam / Through purity the intellect resembles Consciousness or Self (Puruṣa) and leads to liberation (Kaivalyam).

Now, Yoga Sūtras say that there are three ways to get to Samādhi. Some people are naturally gifted with the ability to effortlessly get into deeper states of concentration. Samādhi come easy to them. Continue reading


The Power of Visualisation in Yoga

Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, the canonical text of Yoga, considers visualisation an important technique. Its importance can be gauged by the real estate it gets in an otherwise terse work of just 195 sūtras (aphorisms).

Here are some of the aphorisms related to visualisation:

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Why Self Transformation Strategies Fail!

Blogosphere is full of wisdom for a better YOU, with catchy titles to get your attention (like this post). These essentially help you construct a new make-believe world, usually with the help of some cleverly constructed phrases (or wordplay as Wittgenstein the famous Austrian philosopher would call them).

However, we all know how these pan out. We live a week or two of in this new make-believe world. Gradually, thought by thought and act by act, we slip back into our familiar world. I have had a fair share of these attempts.  Continue reading

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