The Essence of Yoga

Yogaḥ Samādhiḥ / Yoga is Samādhi

– Sage Vyāsa

Saṁyama is a process of meditative analysis. It aides in the development of the faculty of discrimination or Viveka-Khyāti. And the faculty of discrimination is the means to liberation from bondage and suffering.

Saṁyama is a way of directing attention on an object or a specific feature of an object in order to understand it correctly. Correctly here means to see an object for what it is, uninfluenced by one’s biases and conditioning. Correct understanding helps in renunciation of those objects that ensnare us in a cycle of attachment and suffering.

In other words, Saṁyama is the essence of Yoga.

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There Ain’t no Such Thing as a Free Lunch

There Ain’t no Such Thing as A Free Lunch

“No Free Lunch” (or “No Arbitrage“) is a fundamental axiom of finance. It is the force or Prana that keeps the markets efficient. It is the finance equivalent of the energy conservation axiom in Physics.

“No arbitrage” means that there is no guaranteed profit without assuming risk to your investment. No risk, no return! If somebody promises to double your money without any risk, you must get away as a fast as possible from him. Especially so, if he is wearing a tailored suit and an expensive watch!

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What is Your AQ?

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) are two popular measures of an person’s usefulness as a functioning adult in a society. However, low EQ or IQ score may not indicate lack of compassion or intelligence respectively. Richard Feynman once famously quipped: “Winning a Nobel Prize is no big deal, but winning it with an IQ of 124 is really something.

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The Ultimate Workout

The workout world is full of programs- Cross fit, Starting Strength, 5×5, 5/3/1, Convict Conditioning, Warrior Program to name a few – that promise to make you a beast. They hit you with insane workouts. Just when you think you have become a B.E.A.S.T, they remind you that the only easy day was yesterday and add a new workout or load another plate on the barbell.

With dedication and hardwork, anyone can become a B.E.A.S.T.

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Why Self Transformation Strategies Fail!

Blogosphere is full of wisdom for a better YOU, with catchy titles to get your attention (like this post). These essentially help you construct a new make-believe world, usually with the help of some cleverly constructed phrases (or wordplay as Wittgenstein the famous Austrian philosopher would call them).

However, we all know how these pan out. We live a week or two of in this new make-believe world. Gradually, thought by thought and act by act, we slip back into our familiar world. I have had a fair share of these attempts.  Continue reading

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