A Course on Yoga Sūtras

Practice built on right knowledge (pramāna) is effective, meaningful and ultimately useful to one’s life. Practice built on incorrect knowledge (avidya) is injurious to one’s body, mind and bank account.

This course covers the key concepts and ideas of the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, with a particular emphasis on integrating the practical wisdom of the Yoga Sutras in to daily practice.

Unlike other Philosophy workshops, this weaves together the practices of Asana (movement and posture), Prānāyāma (breath) and Dhyāna (Concentration) with the study of Yoga Sūtras. These practice sessions help the participant explore application of the wisdom of the Yoga Sūtras in his/her own practice.

Below is a typical schedule for a class of practitioners with little or no prior experience in Yoga. This course takes a total of 10 hours with 2.5 hours each day. The course can be customised to the level and the need of the participants. Email info@latentimpressions.com for further information.

Day 1 (Session I – Asana, Pranayama / Session II – Yoga Sutras – The big picture: What is Yoga? Why Yoga? / Session III – Practice / Session IV – Group Exercise)

Day 2 (Session I – Asana, Pranayama / Session II – Yoga Sutras – Kriya Yoga / Session III – Practice / Session IV – Group Exercise)

Day 3 (Session I – Asana, Pranayama / Session II – Yoga Sutras – Gunas, Self Realisation / Session III – Practice)

Day 4 (Session I – Asana, Pranayama / Session II – Yoga Sutras – Visualisation techniques, Isvara Pranidhana / Session III – Practice)