Yoga Āsana

Teaching is for the taught. – T.Krishnamacarya

If you plant a papaya seed, you do not get a mango tree. – Sonia Sumar


Yoga Āsana practice is a powerful tool for self-transformation that spans physical, mental, emotional and behavioural dimensions.

To be effective, Yoga Āsana practice must be customised to the practitioner. It must also be in harmony with life objectives of the practitioner.

A properly designed and executed Yoga Āsana practice promotes physiological well being and brings forth a Sattvic state of mind. Sattva is characterised by clarity and calmness. A clear and calm mind perceives problems, situations and challenges correctly and makes optimal decisions that enhance well being and minimise unnecessary suffering.

Such a practice also improves powers of concentration, which help one to become much better at whatever one’s pursuit is – business leader, student, trader, banker or even a priest.

Who wouldn’t want that?!

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